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About us

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  From the stunning colors of the leaves to the crisp air, it makes me happy and feeds my spirit.  It’s fortunate I love the season, because my parents named me after this beautiful time of year.  

From the beauty of the scenery to the bounty of the earth, autumn also brings to fruition the abundance of the earth’s harvest, a rewarding yield after preparing the soil and planting the seeds, and watering and weeding the land. 

Using products from the earth, I wanted to make something meaningful. 

And after taking my first soap-making class, I was hooked - the textures, the scents, and the feeling of blending material into something so clean  - and the feeling was exhilarating. 

Thus begins this story. 

I started experimenting with cold process soap.  I made so many batches of soap, while trying to perfect my method, that I started giving it away.  I brought in soap for the staff at my son’s school, and the administrator was so pleased, she asked me if I would make small soaps for the younger children to use when they worked on handwashing.  At the encouragement of others, I decided to start selling soap and other goods I made. 

We enjoy providing you products that smell wonderful and may make your day a little brighter and a little cleaner.


We are located in Okemos, Michigan.  Our location is not open to the public. 

 Palm Oil Statement

We think practicing good stewardship over the earth’s resources is important.  When formulating our recipes, primarily soap, we found the bars we liked best contained palm oil.  There are alternatives which give similar properties as palm oil, such as tallow, but we found that to bring up other ethical issues.  As with many things in life, it is a tradeoff.  We have chosen to use responsibly harvested organic palm oil (RSPO) in our soaps.  We use the least amount possible to still have a nice, reasonably priced bar. 

 Writing of the product descriptions

If you enjoy reading the descriptions of the products, you are not alone.  I love reading them.  My extremely intelligent, funny and kind friend Michelle has written most of them.  She is able to put into words what I am thinking but unable to articulate. I will read anything she writes, including her grocery lists because they evoke wonderful memories.  When I met with her to discuss this project, I was telling her all the things that couldn’t be written.  I told her the soaps can’t make medical claims or cosmetic claims. As I was expounding on all the things that couldn’t be done, she stopped me and said, “You are selling a feeling or memory”.  Exactly!  If you would like her to write for your organization, she has some limited availability.  Please contact me for more information.