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Bubble, Fizz & Soak

Enhance your bathing experience with this these great smelling products.  Our liquid and solid bubble baths create luxurious bubbles.  Our bath fizzie's effervescence releases aromas while creating small bubbles.  Foaming soaking salts combine the bubbles of a bath bomb and the soothing of soaking salts.  Soaking salts are for when you want to chill, likely in a warm bath.  Shower steamers release an amazing scent when you don’t have time for a bath. 

What are the speckles on the shower steamers? We add the essential oil to the clay which absorbs it and holds the scent. 

What is the discoloration on the shower steamers? Once the shower steamers are dry, we go back and add extra essential oils to the steamer. This gives it an extra punch. However with darker essential oils, such as orange and pachouli it may leave visible discoloration.